About: Fitoutpros is an export house of bold fashion, established in 2019. This brand is engaged in B2B manufacturing of Luxe high and ready-made garments. Fitoutpros is reinventing an entirely modern approach to fashion. Scrupulous and elegant, timeless, and versatile the world of Fitoutpro is intriguing teamwork of strength and style. For years, they have worked to deliver the best experience in shopping and quality garments to their customers.

Objective: To establish a successful B2B fashion brand.

What we did: Firstly, they didn’t have a website and wanted something that is chic yet minimal, so I created several website designs to choose from that can match the brand’s look and feel. They asked me to create a lovely product catalog to send to their clients. As a result, I was able to complete an eye-pleasing lookbook for them. They also tasked me with developing a distinct brand identity and conducting brand research to help them distinguish itself from others.