Hi, I Am Piyush Mathur

AKA Digital Mathur
Strategic Digital Marketing Auditor, Consultant & Mentor | Meta Ads Expert | Performance Marketer | BNI Member - Delhi-South- Nucle-US | CMO | Author | Keynote Speaker | Trained 5000+ Pros.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant and Strategist, I'm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and individuals thrive in the digital landscape. With years of experience and a passion for innovation, I provide customized strategies that drive growth, enhance brand presence, and foster continuous learning.

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my bespoke strategies are crafted to elevate your Online business success



I don’t just teach; I personally train and equip you with practical, real-world success strategies.


Empowering Agency Owners

Specializing in elevating marketing agencies, my tailored strategies are meticulously crafted to drive success and enhance operational excellence."

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"My obsession with start-ups & entrepreneurship has made me an inveterate learner and motivator. As an entrepreneur, I believe that being stagnant seizes your overall growth. To become a better version of yourself, you need to learn something new every day even if it’s only a half-inch. And this is my mantra for every one of you to follow: LEARN, IMPROVE & EXECUTE.."

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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital marketing consultant is your go-to guy to analyze your business's online presence, identify strategies to improve online visibility and implement effective marketing campaigns. In the vast landscape of online marketing, a digital marketing consultant is your guide that will ensure that your brand & its marketing stays on the right track.

Digital Marketing consultants leverage digital channels and strategies to direct organic traffic, generate leads and increase sales of the running operation. They develop strategies that will help businesses hit their digital marketing goals.

There are several moments when it will click to you that, yes, it is time for you to hire a digital marketing consultant for your business. Some include –

Stagnant or Declining web traffic
Struggles with online visibility
Ineffective Marketing Campaigns
Unsatisfied with the performance of the marketing team

In such scenarios, it is better to hire a digital marketing consultant to step in and navigate the complexity of your digital marketing operation. A digital marketing consultant would turn the digital maze into a smooth path and lead to an enhanced online presence and business growth.

A Digital Marketing Consultant can be the catalyst that your brand may need to return back on the path of success and turbocharge its growth. A Digital Marketing consultant brings to the table expertise and, more importantly, up-to-date knowledge of the digital landscape. They know what works and, more crucially, what does not!

Digital Mathur will devise tailored strategies, and that will drive organic results to the business – resulting in lead generation and increased sales. However, Digital Mathur goes beyond just creating tactics and being the strategic partner that your business would need. Digital Mathur will help you navigate the digital world, leaving you free to focus on what you love – running your business.

A Digital Marketing consultant is someone that you can count on for all sorts of digital services related to the marketing aspect of your business. A digital marketing consultant would analyze your brand’s existing online presence, identify areas of improvement and then devise a comprehensive marketing strategy on top of it.

A Digital Marketing consultant is ultimately responsible for the successful implementation and monitoring of your digital marketing strategies. They also provide regular performance reports and make necessary adjustments to ensure your marketing efforts yield the desired results. Simply put, a digital marketing consultant is your trusted ally in navigating the digital world and helping your business thrive online.

Digital Marketing consultants and performance marketers are two sides of the same coin. A consultant is the architect of your digital presence. They have a long-term view of the brand, where it will grow in the coming years. They draw up the big-picture plan, covering everything from SEO to content and social media, all aimed at making your brand shine online and encouraging long-term growth.

On the other side of the coin, you will find performance marketers. They are more focused on short-term but immediate successes of online marketing campaigns. You can think of them as the builder, executing the plan that will deliver immediate and measurable results to the business.

LTS (Social Media Strategising)

About: Leisure Travel Shoppe is a Hyderabad-based travel agency that focuses on planning trips domestically and internationally. I am managing their social media accounts, which include content creation, posting, and optimizing it. I am also helping them run paid ads and generate leads.

Objective: LTS is a brand that operates in Hyderabad. Their goal is to grow and generate quality leads, but they are having difficulty doing so. They have a big name in the market, but their audience is unaware of them. In addition to Hyderabad, they have opened an office in Delhi and intend to serve the entire country.

What We Did: We conducted market research and a brand audit for them first, and discovered that they are well-known in Hyderabad but lack a digital presence. We then recommended a marketing strategy to promote their business online, which not only helped them increase the brand value but also helped them generate quality leads.

We advised them to start an Instagram channel where they should focus on Inbound Marketing Strategy. Instead of pitching clients directly about the service, they should create quality posts that guide people through so that their audience can rely on them for better guidance.

After that, we assisted them in optimizing lead quality by embedding custom questions in the forms that only interested people fill out, resulting in all unwanted leads being filtered and some of the LTS reels performing exceptionally well because they use Inbound Strategies to market the company.