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Strategic Digital Marketing Auditor, Consultant & Mentor | Meta Ads Expert | Performance Marketer | BNI Member - Delhi-South- Nucle-US | CMO | Author | Keynote Speaker | Trained 5000+ Pros.

Digital Mathur

Believe me, this has been the most difficult part for me to write about. Ask me anything about Marketing Strategies or Campaign Creation – I am your guy but how does one define himself exactly?

Should I just introduce myself and add on some of the past projects I have worked on? Or should I just refer you guys to my LinkedIn profile and leave it at that? I am still a little bit stumped on this tbh, so I did what I usually do when in doubt — ask a friend to bail me out. *hehe* And this is how they he me:

“Piyush Mathur is your guy whether you are looking for a simple Digital Marketing Solution for your business or if you want to set up your Own Brand or something entirely different from anything yet seen – Piyush Mathur is your guy. Just get him a cuppa of Cold Coffee from the ‘Bucks and he is all yours. JK, but yeah a great guy to work with. Always giving his 100% no matter how big or small your work is. This is the type of guy Piyush Mathur is.

I always strive to give 100% in whatever I do because I understand how important your business is for you, especially for those who are just venturing into this magnificent world of entrepreneurship and I want to give you guys a helping hand, nudging you in the right direction is something that’ll make me feel pretty good about myself.

My obsession with start-ups & entrepreneurship has made me an inveterate learner and motivator. As an entrepreneur, I believe that being stagnant seizes your overall growth. To become a better version of yourself, you need to learn something new every day even if it’s only a half-inch.

Nothing is perfect but you can be as close to it as possible, and for that to happen you can never be stagnant in your growth. This has influenced me to teach and train new springs, young aspirants who are equally motivated to learn every detail and fundamentals of digital marketing. Every ray of light I beam at them, a few reflects back to me as well.

How It All Started…

I have always been inspired by my father; his hardworking and never-sit-still attitude has always been something that has motivated me throughout my life. I still remember my dad working as a government employee in the Indian Railways, but he was never satisfied with his work. So he quit his job in the early 2000s and started a company dealing in Honda generators. Looking back, this is probably when I decided to start my own business one day.

Growing up in my pre-teens, I have had two great loves in my life(too cheesy, I know): Computers and being self-dependent, and with my father’s business not doing as well as before I started my first business — as a freelance computer mechanic.

I have never been an academic, but I did alright (I don’t think my mother would agree), so under peer pressure, I joined a B.Tech program in 2013. However, due to the enormous financial burden, it was putting on my family and also with my faith in the Indian College System having long been eroded, I decided to quit the program at the end of my first year.

During my sole year at college, I worked at a pizza chain; you guys might have heard about them – Dominos. All kidding aside, working at Dominos, albeit only for a couple of months, has been one of the great learning experiences of my life. This is something I would advise every young entrepreneur who is planning to start their own business to do - have experience working at any food-chain restaurant or something similar. It would greatly help them in character building and customer interaction.

I worked at a BPO after my college year (I shouldn’t call it years anyway). During the day hours, I focused on leveling my skills up in various fields and courses like CCNA, CCNP for networking, Graphic design, and later, Digital Marketing. All this is with the primary focus on starting my own business ASAP. It wasn’t as easy a job, let me tell you that straight up. My first couple of start-ups did all right but weren’t providing the satisfactory result I was hoping for.

It was also a low time for me personally, and doubts began to creep in with this whole entrepreneur thing. Am I cut out for this? How much struggle is enough? And is this all worth it — the constant pressure I am under?

And let me tell you guys who are planning to start their own business or are running one already that it is tough setting up a business from scratch. You are gonna face some tough days ahead. I was blessed to have a couple of great friends who were with me from Day 1 and the love of my family to pull me through whenever I felt down.

Today, my journey has led me to the roles of CEO at Skill Sources and Maa Ka Chulah, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit I have nurtured since my youth. These positions not only mark a significant milestone in my career but also serve as a testament to the perseverance and dedication that have been the cornerstones of my journey.