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As a Digital Marketer, it’s imperative to stay current on trends and best practices. So, here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the Top Digital Marketing Blogs you should be currently following. They cover anything from general marketing fundamentals to sector-specific news.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read

1. HubSpot Marketing

  • Unquestionably one of the top blogs for digital marketing that focuses on inbound marketing is HubSpot Marketing.
  • HubSpot Marketing is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to develop their marketing strategy and grasp inbound marketing, covering a wide range of topics from marketing fundamentals to in-depth knowledge of content strategy and beyond.
  • This tactical tool offers user-friendly instructions, including free templates, tutorials, and comprehensive manuals. Each new blog article published by HubSpot Marketing gives a useful estimated reading time.

2. The MOZ Blog

  • MOZ is a great source for the most recent details on SEO tactics and fashions because it simplifies and makes the often-complex world of SEO more transparent.
  • MOZ offers detailed guides, practical tactics, and specialized insights from subject-matter experts as part of its SEO toolkit for marketers.
  • In addition to covering the fundamentals, MOZ is a fantastic all-purpose SEO site that delves into specialized topics like advanced link building, local SEO, analyzing statistics, and SEO return on investment.

3. Content Marketing Institute

  • Some of the best recommendations available regarding how content might benefit your brand can be found at the Content Marketing Institute.
  • Their postings provide useful guidance on how to develop the best strategy for your organization and how your content marketing should fit into the “larger picture,” covering everything from industry trends to best practices.
  • One of their primary goals is to educate marketers, thus they regularly host events, publish research papers, and provide access to a wealth of materials including eBooks and whitepapers.
  • Whether they are aware of it or not, any effective content marketing strategy has used some of the knowledge given by the Content Marketing Institute.

4. Search Engine Land

  • For the most recent news on marketing technology, marketers should read Search Engine Land (SEL). SEL provides a consistent flow of information for all facets of marketing technology with daily coverage and many updates per day.
  • In addition to covering other business news and studies, SEL concentrates on the most recent advancements in digital marketing and advertising technology, such as SEO, SEM, and PPC.

5. MarketingCharts

  • MarketingCharts provides a vast collection of marketing data analysis and visualization, albeit it isn’t strictly speaking a blog.
  • This specialty hub delivers concise analyses and clear, uncomplicated charts on a range of online and offline marketing subjects, with articles released every day.
  • Marketers and decision-makers may get reliable data from MarketingCharts as well as the most recent media and marketing trends.

6. CMSWire

  • Look no further than CMSWire for a fantastic all-around perspective on digital marketing. The blog focuses on the digital customer experience, the digital workplace, and popular big data and information management techniques.
  • It is targeted at software buyers, sellers, analysts, and practitioners. Additionally, David Crane, our vice president of marketing, frequently posts on the site!

7. Demand Gen Report

  • Demand Gen Report (DGR), which analyses industry events, innovations, and current themes, is here to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the B2B marketing sector.
  • DGR conducts exclusive research, offers a vast range of featured resources, and provides expert analysis and insight into topics like demand generation, content marketing, and account-based marketing (ABM).

8. Marketing Land

  • There is a ton of high-quality information on Marketing Land about a variety of subjects and business news.
  • Their posts are educational and current, covering anything from changes to content management systems to new capabilities on social media platforms.
  • They recently posted panel talks and blogged about several subjects that were presented throughout the CES Tech event in Las Vegas.
  • While offering their audience interesting and instructive content, their site allows you to communicate with diverse business experts.

9. Econsultancy

  • The Econsultancy blog offers insights into a wide range of digital marketing topics as well as more specialized niche markets.
  • They offer materials that offer brands useful guidance on how to sell themselves online in a way that adheres to best practices while also incorporating cutting-edge trends.
  • Econsultancy always has it covered when it comes to innovation and the newest trends in digital marketing.
  • Whether you are in B2B or B2C, fashion or healthcare, Econsultancy provides marketing advice that practically every organization can apply to their strategies to help them achieve their own goals.

10. Convince & Convert

  • The Convince & Convert website is the ideal place to discover more about digital advertising because they are digital marketing consultants led by Jay Baer.
  • Each essay is succinct and straightforward, getting right to the point while still being insightful and educational.
  • Their articles encourage you to think creatively about how you may improve your content and how to incorporate new opportunities into your digital marketing plans.

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