Leisure Travel Shoppe

About: Leisure Travel Shoppe is a Hyderabad-based travel agency that focuses on planning trips domestically and internationally. I am managing their social media accounts, which include content creation, posting, and optimizing it. I am also helping them run paid ads and generate leads.

Objective: LTS is a brand that operates in Hyderabad. Their goal is to grow and generate quality leads, but they are having difficulty doing so. They have a big name in the market, but their audience is unaware of them. In addition to Hyderabad, they have opened an office in Delhi and intend to serve the entire country.

What We Did: We conducted market research and a brand audit for them first, and discovered that they are well-known in Hyderabad but lack a digital presence. We then recommended a marketing strategy to promote their business online, which not only helped them increase the brand value but also helped them generate quality leads.

We advised them to start an Instagram channel where they should focus on Inbound Marketing Strategy. Instead of pitching clients directly about the service, they should create quality posts that guide people through so that their audience can rely on them for better guidance.

After that, we assisted them in optimizing lead quality by embedding custom questions in the forms that only interested people fill out, resulting in all unwanted leads being filtered and some of the LTS reels performing exceptionally well because they use Inbound Strategies to market the company.