Indian Olympic Association

About: The Indian Olympic Association, also known as the Indian Olympic Committee, is in charge of selecting athletes to represent India at the Olympic Games, Asian Games, and other international athletic meets, as well as managing Indian teams at these events.

Objective: To Re-Design Indian Olympics 400 Pager Website for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

How I helped them: As you have read, this was the largest project I’d ever worked on. It was quite overwhelming but at the same time a life-changing opportunity for me, but it also made me realize my true strengths in my work.

I worked on this project tirelessly for 1.5 months. Initially, I created six different website designs for them to choose from.

After several meetings and discussions, we chose and finalized the website design, and I began working on it as soon as it was approved. I made every effort to make the project user-friendly and as attractive as it could be.

Despite the fact that it is a very lengthy website, some other challenges came with it.

I attempted to connect APIs from Japan in order to display live updates from the Olympics on the website. And after several finishing touches, I was able to successfully complete this project that had to be represented on a national level.